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Sabine Scherka

About us

Our medical cosmetician is a specially trained dermatological cosmetician, who performs specialised facial treatments to optimise the treatment of various skin conditions. After successfully qualifying as a general cosmetician, she worked for 8 years in one of biggest private dermatology clinics in Germany. Working closely with renowned Professor Steinkraus, she learned to performed specialized facial procedures to support the medical treatment of patients with skin problems.

After 5 years as the lead medical cosmetician in this prestigious clinic, she developed the strong wish to share her knowledge with others and set up her own training business in Hamburg. In this capacity, Sabine has trained more than one hundred skin care professionals in dermatological cosmetology and cosmeceuticals. In 2009 she relocated to London and we are proud to welcome her to European Dermatology London.

Our special dermatological facials are based on deep cleansing, comedone extractions, lymphatic drainage and masks with specially selected active substances. They can help eradicate the following conditions:

  • Blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, break-outs, acne
  • Rosacea (“Couperose”)
  • Perioral dermatitis
  • Milia, and others

Treatments take 45 min. and you will be surprised how relaxing and rejuvenating this “time-out” feels. All cosmetician treatments are carried out in close collaboration with our dermatologist Dr. Williams. Many private health insurances will cover this treatment.

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